Digital Transformation Challenges

Almost every business relies upon technology to support its operations, starting with individual computers, extending into computer networks, and then migrating to the cloud, as the demand for 24×7 access from any location increases.

Customers expect access to information and support whenever they need or want it, and they expect your business to deliver. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that it is possible for most people to work from home, even though it has also raised questions about whether this is actually desirable, and what implications it has for the workforce, the business and customers.

The wholesale shift to home working caused huge upheavals for established business processes, challenged existing business systems, and resulted in a massive surge of cyber attacks that were made possible by these changes.

As we emerge into the “new normal”, many businesses are reviewing the lessons learned, and starting to ask questions about how the business should operate in the future, how it should interact with customers, suppliers and partners, and what systems, processes and policies are required to support those changes.

Each business will reach their own conclusions, and define their own priorities, some involving extensive changes to the business, and others that focus on smaller incremental changes, but almost everyone will require some transformation of their digital systems, in order to move into the future with confidence.

Our Secure Business Solutions are designed to support those Digital Transformations, in a way that puts cyber security at the heart of the system, creating business solutions that are Secure by Design, but also recognising that the purpose of any business is to “do business” in their own chosen field.

We aim to deliver cost-effective solutions, which are acceptable to the business and users, whilst delivering cyber security.