We specialize in delivering cost-effective cyber security systems for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Our secure business solutions provide easy access to all information assets from any location, with user access control, change notification, version history, review comments, release management, electronic signatures, end-to-end encryption, private blockchain for audit records, and encrypted data storage distributed across multiple clouds for resilience & security.

We focus on enhancing business productivity whilst ensuring protection from ransomware and other cyber-attacks, and we offer both standard & custom packages, operational support & maintenance, training, consultancy, and non-exec director services to our clients.

Our innovative team of systems designers and developers has over 20 years of experience delivering secure systems for small & medium enterprises, large enterprises, cloud service providers, and government clients.

Our CEO and Founder has been designing and developing a new range of cyber security systems and patents for the past five years, which are being launched to SME clients in the UK by Sealstone. These systems provide cost-effective ransomware protection for Small & Medium Enterprises, and support both digital transformation and cyber security requirements. They satisfy the most stringent compliance requirements for data provenance assurance and data leak prevention, using encrypted blockchains accessed through security hardened devices with end-to-end encryption and threshold encryption.

Our new systems and patents have benefited substantially from experience gained in the CEO’s previous company, which he founded in 2002 to launch one of the first End-to-End Encrypted Backup software solutions for cloud service providers and corporate clients, subsequently launching one of the first End-to-End Encrypted Supply Chain platforms in 2015, and conducting Cyber Security Research & Development projects that were sponsored by UK Government, including: :

  • Secure Remote Working in the Supply Chain – distributed ledgers
  • Secure medical collaboration – distributed ledgers & secure devices
  • Encrypted data processing in the cloud – encrypted distributed ledgers
  • Automated cyber threat detection & response – using artificial intelligence
  • Security hardened appliances – using commodity components
  • Insider threat detection – using psychological analysis
  • Robotic data centres – reducing human risk factors

We understand that selecting suppliers for Digital Transformation & Cyber Security projects is a big deal, and can be a daunting prospect, so we aim to minimise the upfront costs, in favour of transparent system usage fees.

We also offer a range of exploratory discussion and solution consultancy packages, so you can use our experience to help clarify your requirements and explore creative solutions at a modest cost, without any further commitment.

Please email or call us to discuss your requirements.