Solution Specification

The early stages of any solution design and specification process tends to require some dialogue between the client and the supplier, where both teams learn a bit more about each other and start to explore what is possible with the new solution.

We approach this process through a series of structured meetings, which progress the discussion in affordable increments, and allow the client to evaluate the proposed solution and us as a supplier without unnecessary commitment of time or money. The introductory meeting may be sufficient to complete the business analysis and solution design, or these may need further exploration in subsequent meetings, and potentially some software customization, prior to implementation.

We ask the client to provide relevant background information in advance of each meeting, so that we can prepare for the meeting, and use the scheduled time as efficiently as possible.

The meetings are normally held remotely, but can be held on client premises, subject to logistics and costs. Our aim within the meetings is to identify potential issues as early as possible, so they can be addressed quickly, and we can confirm that the proposed solution is going to satisfy the client requirements in a manner that is acceptable to the business.

After each meeting, we provide a written summary of the key points and conclusions, including proposed any actions.

The specification meeting types available are:

  • Introductory Meetings (30 minutes + preparation + summary)
  • Exploratory Discussions (1 hour + preparation + action plan)
  • Business Analysis (2 hours + preparation + documentation)
  • Custom Solutions Design (4 hours + preparation + documentation)
  • Extended Solutions Design (8 hours + preparation + documentation)